Spyridon Skiadaresis began the art of Greek delights in a small workshop back  in 1946 in Patras. Since then, his came goes along with the tradition of Greek Delights.

Skiadaresis family is now third generation and follows with the same joy and love the precious secret recipes of the founder, offering more and more flavors in delights and confectionery.

Remaining faithful to traditional values upon which the art of Greek delight has been founded, the followers of Skiadaresis company make this delight famous not only in Greece but in other countries as well, through an export network which grows more and more every day.

Today, these small “bites of art” travel from the city of Patras to the entire world, treating us with the sweetness and aroma of old times!


The art of Greek delights dates back to the early 19th century in the city of Constantinople. From then until today, these delicious bites are an exceptional confectionary mixing Greek tradition with pure ingredients.

The Greek & Sweet delights by Skiadaresis Company carry on this art by constantly enriching the traditional recipe and offering new flavors.

With great emphasis on the quality of the production and the selection of the purest ingredients, these bites are considered to be a health and low calorie treat. They are gluten free, with  no gelatin or pectin.

The variety of flavors in the Greek & Sweet delights range creates an impressive mosaic with aroma of Greece and the taste of Greek hospitality.


The Skiadaresis Delights Company has been accredited by ELOT (Greek Standardization Organisation) in accordance to the EN ISO 22000:2005 standard. The company also implements a food safety system in line with the HACCP guidelines.